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    15 ISIL militants killed in clashes with Kurdish forces near Syria’s Kobani

    13940230000268_PhotoIAn official at the People’s Protection Units (YPG) said that over 15 ISIL Takfiri terrorists were killed in clashes with the YPG forces near Sarrin town in the countryside of Kobani, North of Syria.

    At least 15 ISIL militants were killed and 22 others wounded during clashes in the vicinity of Sarrin town, YPG Spokesman Sarhad Abbas told ARA News.

    The clashes broke out after Kurdish YPG forces attacked the ISIL strongholds in the villages of Hawiz, Bir al-Ubaidat and Mirouh near Sarrin town in the countryside of Kobane.

    “Our (YPG) forces bombed several ISIL positions in the area, killing more than 15 terrorists and wounding 22 others,” he said.

     “The operations will continue in the coming days until removal of the ISIL from the vicinity of Sarrin,” Abbas said.

    Earlier this month, military sources said that the YPG in Northern Syria fended off the ISIL terrorists’ attacks in the nearby areas of Kobani, and killed at least five of them.

    The sources said at the time that the radical ISIL group targeted headquarters of the Kurdish forces in the villages of Sihrij and Heyale Kayala South of Kobani, which led to clashes between the two sides.

    Fars News Agency

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