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    ‘A river for Jaffna’ receives Cabinet approval

    Cabinet approval was granted to implement a five year project aimed at resolving the water issue in Jaffna, which was presented for approval by the Mahaweli Development and Environment Minister today{16.10.2019}.

    As there are no rivers in the Jaffna Peninsula, in order to resolve the shortage of water, a project termed ‘A river for Jaffna’  has been designed to be implemented within five years.

    The project aims at reducing the salinity of the well water bordering the Wadamarachchi lagoon, increasing the water supply for agriculture purposes by 8 million cubic meters and increase the fresh water supply for household purposes and consumption.  The project will be implemented in two stages within a period of five years.

    This will also enable farmers to cultivate 12,610 hectares of unused land for cultivation and 1,315 hectares for development benefiting over 300,000 people.

    The project is estimated to cost Rs. 3,609 million.

    Courtesy – Daily News

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