Jingmin HuangdownloadTHE Asian Development Bank (ADB) said it was willing to finance more water projects to provide safe water supplies to member-countries, similar to the Jaffna water project.

Jingmin Huang, principal urban development specialist of ADB, said that if a remote water irrigation system for drinking and planting, like that in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, can be financed, the easier that other potential sources of drinking water can be funded.

Huang cited the Sri Lankan province as one of the projects that the bank is willing to finance when it comes to its water portfolio, as a severe water problem is expected in the the next decade.

The ADB official’s statements came a day after ADB President Takeniko Hakao said there are 300 million people who lack access to clean and potable water.

Huang said if the Jaffna project can be funded, more projects of a similar nature should also be financed to let more nations get access to safe water for any purpose.

“Jaffna is very, very far from Colombo about 400 kilometers away,” she said during the second day of the Asia Water Forum 2018 at the ADB headquarters in Mandaluyong City recently.

The ADB last year provided $120 million loan to the area for its nearly 300,000 people. Aside from the potable water, certain portions of the loan was for desalination purpose because the area lies very near the Indian Ocean.

Desalinization is very much needed when an area is located very near a sea. According to ADB, the loan relieved the people of walking for few kilometers just to get clean water for drinking, cooking and washing clothes.

Jaffna used to be Sri Lanka’s second most developed territory after Colombo, until a 26-year civil war that ended in 2009 expelled most of its residents and inflicted damage to many of its tourists attractions.