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    All set for LAWASIA Conference

    The 29th LAWASIA Conference will take place in Colombo from August 12 and 15. Founded in 1966, the organisation will mark its 50th anniversary with a gathering of legal luminaries primarily from the Asia-Pacific region.

    Lawyers, judges, legal scholars, and other experts in the legal sector will attend the four-day affair.

    In celebration of the 50-year jubilee, the conference’s theme will be ’50 years of supporting the rule of law.’

    LAWASIA, which includes more than 40 member organisations and has individual members from over 50 countries, hopes that the conference will encourage cross-jurisdictional exchanges and increases in information sharing between legal professionals.

    Discussions will be held on criminal justice, human rights, constitutional law, and intellectual property issues that are relevant across Asia.

    Organising committee chairman Upul Jayasuriya, originally made the request for Sri Lanka to host a LAWASIA conference in 2013.

    Due to the ongoing issues within the island’s legal system at the time, the organisers decided against holding the meeting in the country. This, however, changed with the recent developments in Sri Lanka.

    “The organisers are encouraged by the judicial appointments and the unquestionable integrity of our judges, ” Jayasuriya said.

    Though the upcoming event will not be a chief justices conference, which is held every other year, a request for a special round table discussion have been endorsed by Thailand, Pakistan, Japan, and India, among others.

    “Around 120 Sri Lankan lawyers have been working to make this happen,” Jayasuriya said, while adding that he thinks the conference will be a great success.

    Courtesy – Daily News

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