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    Bangladeshi hybrid seed production company to invest in Sri Lanka

    Untitled-1The Lal Teer Rice Seed Production Company in Bangladesh has agreed to invest in Sri Lanka to promote hybrid rice seed production in exchange of genetic resources, Agricultural Minister Duminda Dissanayake said.

    Minister told Daily News that there is a 300 acre land belonging to Mahailuppallama Agricultre Research and Development Institute which is abandoned for decades. It was proposed to establish the hybrid rice seed production complex in this premise, the Minister said.

    This is a joint venture involving Lal Teer Rice Production Company and the Agriculture Department, Minister Duminda Dissanayake emphasized.

    The Mahailuppallama seed farm will not be sold to Bangladesh neither will it be leased out, he said.

    It was proposed to establish a hybrid seed exchanging and production project at Mahailuppallama Agriculture Research and Development Institute, the Minister said.

    Referring to this issue Agriculture Minister Duminda Dissanayake said that a false propaganda was carried out by certain political groups to hoodwink the public.

    Minister said that Rs. 1400 million is spent annually to import hybrid seeds.

    He appealed to the employees of the Mahailuppallama Research and Development Centre Seeds Farms etc. to understand the national importance of this venture and support it for the benefit of the country’s agricultural development.

    Courtesy – Daily News

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