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Boat service around Colombo within two weeks

boat-ride (1)A passenger boat service in waterways in Colombo will be commenced within the next two weeks, the Magapolis and Western Development Ministry said.

The first phase of the project has been planned centering Beire Lake and Wellawatte canal. The travel time between Wellawatte and Battaramulla will be 40 minutes.

The Ministry’s Project Director Danushka Ramanayake said air conditioned boats would be used for the passenger service.

A passenger boat service has also been planned in Kelani river from Mattakkuliya to Hanwella under the phase two of the project.

The Ministry said integrated timetables would be made for passenger boat services, buses and trains in order to connect them.

The hotel chains near Beire Lake can use the service as a night entertainment for tourists.

According to the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation, the entire project consisting of three phases has been estimated to cost nearly Rs 100 million.

The project will create about 500 new jobs. The project will also help to keep the Colombo waterways clean.

Courtesy – Daily News

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