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CEA to use drone technology to environmental issues

476a1ff567585398123184dce4df8c20_XLThe Central Environmental Authority (CEA) of Sri Lanka has taken measures to use drone technology for field tests in addressing environmental issues.The Central Environmental Authority says assistance of the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) will be obtained for this purpose.Central Environmental Authority Chairman Chandrarathne Pallegama told that drone technology will be used to probe complaints of damage to environment such as instances of illegal discharge of effluents from industries to rivers and streams and destruction of forests.

According to the official, using this technology, an extensive study on Karadiyana garbage dump has already been carried out and all the information about the physical condition of the dump has been obtained.

The CEA Chairman explained that collecting water samples from drinking water purification reservoirs is usually done from boats. When samples are taken from boats the water is being stirred and obtaining a correct sample was problematic but with drone technology water sampling can be done more accurately and safely.

Similarly drones can be used to grant permission to operate small hydro power plants located in places which are hard to reach by foot, CEA Chairman said. He also pointed out that in agriculture, drones could be used to apply pesticides and fertilizers only to the needed areas.

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