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    Expat women ‘can’t take up jobs reserved for Saudi females’

    file-24-1449723795393263800Expatriate women would not be allowed to take up jobs reserved for Saudi women at shops selling female products, according to Labor Minister Mofarrej Al-Haqbani.
    Speaking at the sixth social dialogue in Riyadh, he said: “Foreign women workers will not be allowed to compete with Saudi women for jobs allocated to them. There is no turning back on this issue.”
    Several owners of stores selling women’s clothing and accessories have called on the ministry to allow foreign women to take up positions in their businesses, arguing that Saudi women are reluctant to do so. They have claimed that many businesses have closed down for failing to meet feminization targets.
    Al-Haqabani said the ministry was doing everything in its power to ensure that jobs are created for Saudis in the country. It is working closely with other ministries to achieve this goal, he said.
    He was addressing the session on the importance of developing SMEs to create sustainable jobs, and eliminate cover-up business.

    Courtesy – ARAB NEWS


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