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    India- Sri Lanka joint military exercise ‘Mithra Shakthi’ begins today

    ‘Mithra Shakthi’, the 4th India – Sri Lanka Joint Training Exercise will commence at the Regimental Headquarters of Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR) on Monday (24th October). The Exercise is designed to enhance understanding of transnational terrorism, inter-operability skills, conduct of joint tactical operations, sharing of each other’s experiences etc.

    The Indian contingent of 45 army personnel, including 6 officers will take part in the two- week long Exercise with their local counterparts from the Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI), states army media sources.

    The Exercise will be conducted under the close supervision of Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva and Sri Lanka army officers while a group of Indian officers including Brigadier Sujeeth Shivaji Patil of the Indian Army attending as observers will evaluate the Exercise during the final phase of the training before the final day (06th November).

    This annual training programme has been held twice in India and once in Sri Lanka at the Commando Regiment Training School in Kuda Oya.

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