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    Japan grants Rs1.6bn to boost airport security

    Japan has given a 1 billion yen grant (1.6 billion rupees) to buy equipment to boost airport security and police work in the wake of Easter Sunday attacks.

    “The public security in Sri Lanka was threatened by the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks with a huge negative economic impact on the fast growing tourism sector of the Country,” a finance ministry said.

    “As an immediate response to the incident,the Government of Japan has agreed to provide Japanese Yen 01 billion, (approximately Rs. 1.6 billion) grant…”

    The government of Japan will Surveillance and detections equipment to Sri Lanka Police and Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd, through the ministries of defence and civil aviation.

    Sri Lanka’s tourism sector has recovered fast from the bombings, as police and security forces shut down an Islamist group.

    Tourism arrivals are expected to reach 2018 levels in September.

    Courtesy – economy next

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