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Kenya, Sri Lanka surpass India in CTC Tea exports

Kenya and Sri Lanka have continued to surpass India in CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) Tea export, although the combined production of the brew in those two countries is much less than what India manufactures.

Factors such as high price and less orders from traditional markets like Russia and UAE are responsible for the fall in India’s share on the global market.

Though the production of Tea in Kenya and Sri Lanka together was much less than that of India, those two countries had exported huge amount of the produce.

In 2017, India accounted for 23 per cent of the global Tea production. But Kenya and Sri Lanka together contributed to just 13 per cent of the world’s production. However, when it comes to exports, it has been found that they jointly have an export share of 39 per cent. For India, it is only 13 per cent.

As of now, India stands fourth in the list of Tea exports, with China, Kenya and Sri Lanka in the top three slots.

Courtesy – News Now

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