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    Lanka’s Historic Ehelepola Walawwa handed over to President

    The historic ‘Ehelepola Walawwa’ mansion, which has been used as a prison for nearly 195 years was handed over to President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Saturday (13).

    The administration of this mansion which was under the Sri Lanka’s Prisons Department was handed over by the Minister of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms Chandrasiri Gajadheera.

    Speaking at the ceremony President Rajapaksa said that during the British colonial rule 53 leading patriots including the Keppetipola Nilame who took part in the 1818 rebellion, were incarcerated at this location by the then English rulers. Since then the mansion has been used as a prison and more recently 350 remand prisoners were detained at this location. The President added that the Ehelepola Walauwwa should be preserved for the posterity,

    President Rajapaksa speaking further said that the prison inmates are not only human beings but possess lot of creativity and thus rehabilitating them in camps would be more productive than keeping them in one place.

    The mansion will be restored to preserve the historical value and used in a commercially viable project. The prisoners have been transferred to the more modern prison facility constructed in Pallekele at a cost of 1.93 billion rupees.

    According to Minister Gajadheera several other prisons used by colonial rules to detain locals who fought against the imperialism will be renovated and used for other purposes, the Minister added.


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