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    Maldivian Airlines to commence flights to Mattala soon

    Maldivian Airlines is set to launch flights to Mattala soon. The airline will also have a stopover in Ratmalana as well, AASL Chairman G.A. Chandrasiri said.

    He also said that AASL was negotiating with a large number of other international airlines to fly into Mattala. He also said that AASL will build two new duty free shopping complexes at both Ratmalana and Mattala for the benefit of tourists. He said that there will be one duty free shop which will be operational for starters soon as the commencement of the operations of the Mattala and Ratmalana Airports and will be expanded with the expansion of the numbers of passengers with the passage of time.

    “Initially, there will be liquor, chocolates and perfumes etc and there will be expansion into other areas as well,” he said. (RL)

    Courtesy-Daily News

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