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More than 3,000 people die from cancer in Mongolia annually

5000 people suffer from cancer and 3,000 people die from cancer in Mongolia every year. 70 percent of people who get cancer are diagnosed late when it has already reached an advanced stage, GoGo reports referring to the National Cancer Center.

5,255 cancer cases were registered in 2013. The number increased by 711 cases back than compared with the previous year. In addition, 3 thousand 660 people died from cancer in 2013, increasing by 601 deaths compared to 2012.

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Mongolia, ranked after heart and vascular diseases.

Most commonly cancer strikes liver – 121.3 per 100 thousand male population, stomach – 53.9, lungs – 41.9, esophagus – 22.7, colon and rectum – 8.7. As for female population, cancer strikes liver – 87.9 per 100 thousand, cervix – 32.1, stomach – 25.3, esophagus – 14.5, breast – 13.0.

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