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    Palestine seeks UN non-member status

    New York – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told the UN Thursday that he has begun consultations to get Palestine accepted as a non member state of the world body.

    He added that he is nonetheless continuing efforts begun last year to achieve full membership for a Palestine state.

    “When, a year ago during the previous session of the General Assembly, we submitted our application for consideration by the Security Council to allow the State of Palestine to assume its rightful place among the nations of the world as a full member in the United Nations, a major and hostile uproar was raised by some against this political, diplomatic, peaceful step aimed at saving the peace process by asserting its basis and foundation,” he said.

    “However, our endeavor was aborted, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of the countries of the world supported, and continues to support, our application,” added Abbas, who stressed that “we will continue our efforts to obtain full membership for Palestine at the United Nations.”

    But for the time being, he added, “we have begun intensive consultations with various regional organizations and member states aimed at having the General Assembly adopt a resolution considering the State of Palestine as a non-member State of the United Nations during this session.”

    He said this step is not aimed at delegitimizing Israel, but to enhance peace.

    “In our endeavor, we do not seek to delegitimize an existing State – that is Israel; but rather to assert the state that must be realized – that is Palestine. On the contrary, they want to delegitimize us,” he said.

    Abbas lashed out at Israel, accusing it of doing everything it can to undermine the Palestinian Authority and of pushing the Palestinian people into a new catastrophe.

    “Israel’s overall policy is ultimately leading to the weakening of the Palestinian National Authority, undermining its ability to carry out its functions and to implement its obligations, which threatens to undermine its very existence and threatens its collapse,” he said.

    “There can only be one understanding of the Israeli government’s actions in our homeland and of the positions it has presented to us regarding the substance of a permanent status agreement to end the conflict and achieve peace,” he said. “That one understanding leads to one conclusion: that the Israeli government rejects the two-state solution.”

    He warned that “Israel is promising the Palestinian people a new catastrophe, a new Nakba.”

    Abbas urged the international community to support Palestinian efforts to get independence.

    “The international community, embodied in the United Nations, is required now more than ever to uphold its responsibilities,” he said. “The Security Council is called upon to urgently adopt a resolution comprising the basis and foundations for a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that would serve as a binding reference and guide for all of the vision of two-states, Israel and Palestine.”

    He concluded: “Prevent the occurrence of a new Nakba in the Holy Land. Support the realization of a free, independent State of Palestine now. Let peace be victorious before it is too late.” – Sapa-dpa( IOL News)

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