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    Path to common currency for South Asian region

    z_pi-PathA top investment banker in Bangladesh stressed that countries in South Asian region should reduce tensions between borders, build trust and engage with the people to successfully realise the vision for a common currency for South Asian region.

    Currency unification will eliminate exchange risk and uncertainty and thereby promote inter-country trade and investment, Rafiqul Islam, MD and CEO of Green Delta Capital Bangladesh told the third edition of Islamic Finance Forum of South Asia, held in Colombo on Tuesday.

    Noting that common currency is a worthy goal and a characteristic of strong regional economic integration, he said that it is the responsibility of policy makers and leaders in respective countries to put this idea into practice without any further delay.

    He also stressed that respective leaders should also pay due attention to capitalize on many common features shared by countries in the South Asian region.

    “This is the only region in the world, which has a lot of common features, especially on political, social, economic and cultural fronts. Unfortunately, South Asia is the least trade activated area in the world,” he said

    Courtesy – Daily News

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