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‘Perekop’ arrives at Colombo Port

e88afee2d2152a1847b32b83f1b884ab_LRussian Naval Training Ship ‘Perekop’ arrived at the Colombo Port on a goodwill visit wendsday (18). The Sri Lanka Navy welcomed the ship in accordance with the naval traditions on her arrival at the harbor‘Perekop’ is on a five-day official visit in Sri Lanka. Its crew are scheduled to take part in friendly sports and cultural events. They would engage in sightseeing tours as well organised by the Navy.

Meanwhile, Commanding Officer of the ship Rear Admiral Vladimir A Cherokov called on Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Sirimevan Ranasinghe at the Naval Headquarters in Colombo today. During their cordial meeting, they discussed several matters of bilateral importance and exchanged mementos to signify the occasion. Russian Defence Attaché of the Embassy of the Russian Federation Colonel Dmitry Mikhaylovskiy was present at the event.

‘Perekop’ is a 138m long and 17m wide training ship with a displacement of 6,900 tonnes, manned by 399 naval personnel. The ship is expected to depart the Colombo Port on April 22.


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