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    Poonam Pandey to perform at a casino in Colombo

    PoonamControversial actress Poonam Pandey, well known to hog limelight with cheap publicity stunts is all set to entertain fans with her performance on popular Bollywood songs at a casino in Colombo on March 26.

    “I will be going to Colombo and perform live and party for a few minutes with my fans at Bally’s Casino on March 26. I am sure it’s going to be a big hit,” Poonam said (as reported by Indian Express).

    Poonam will perform on some of the most popular Bollywood songs. Poonam’s attire will be the centre of attraction. She will be dressed in a sequin outfit topped by a feather boa.

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    Poonam is currently busy fulfilling work commitments and making event appearances. She was seen for the first time on big screen in Bollywood movie “Nasha”.

    She became an online sensation for her pictures and sensational quotes.
    Courtesy – NewsX

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