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    Port City project risks environmental hazards

    z_p01-Port-City-projectA collective of social activists and several environmental organistions point out that the proposed Port City project will have severe environmental consequences. The representatives were addressing the media in Colombo on the environmental impact of the Port City Project on Wednesday.

    Rev Fr. Sherad Jayawardena, a representative of Christian Cooperation Society said a proper Environment Impact Analysis has not been done prior to the commencement of the construction. However, the construction of the Port City has commenced based on an EIA, which has been done by the Moratuwa university. This EIA was very poorly done and there were many loopholes in it. He said that this EIA has been prepared without considering the real situation of the area or other criteria vital for preparing an EIA.

    Sajeewa Chamikara of the Environment Trust Fund said that the EIA is biased since it says that there will not be any environmental impact whatsoever with the construction of the Port City . He pointed out that every project has an environment impact. Therefore, it is clear that the EIA has been prepared as per the requirement of the construction company and the local person involved in the port city project. He added that no archeological impact report has been prepared based on the Port City Project even though the area has high archeological value. The area, where the project is carried out is enriched with many remains which have high archeological value including many naval vessels.

    “But no archeological impact report has been prepared for this project. Beside, a marine biological scientist has not been appointed to the committee, which prepared the EIA” he said. He further said that the EIA has not considered from where the raw materials are supplied. For instance sea sand is intended to be used for earth filling but the EIA has not considered from where such a large quantity of sea sand will be supplied and the environment impact in this regard.


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