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    President condoles death of SL Army men in Mali

    President Maithripala Sirisena issuing a condolence message on the demise of two Sri Lankan army personnel engaging in United Nations operations in Mali, said they sacrificed their lives to achieve the noble vision of strengthening world peace.

    Captain H.W.D. Jayawickrema and Corporal S.S. Wijekumara were killed following an attack on the convoy they were travelling in recently. Three Lankan army personnel were seriously injured following the attack.

    The message also noted that these Army personnel have been taking part in the international operation after completing a victorious operation for the motherland.They have fought bravely to establish peace in the country and joined in the international operations. People who dedicate themselves for others is rare in any country.These brave Sri Lankan war heroes will enter history as members of a valiant operation.

    The President said he was proud to be the President of a country, from which such brave war heroes like Captain H.W.D. Jayawickrema and Corporal S.S.Wijekumara were produced. He expressed his deepest sympathy to the kith and kin of the war heroes. He wished fast recovery for the three heroes receiving treatment following the attack.

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