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President in Rathnapura to review flood relief progress

02-13-1140x517President Maithripala Sirisena visited the District Secretariat in Rathnapura today (May 29) to observe the relief programs carried out for the victims of the adverse weather condition.

He looked into each section of the programs, carried out to help the victims. He directed the officials to do their maximum to in this regard. He directed the District Secretary to inform about any further allocations of grants. The President advised the relevant officials to implement a special program  to rescue the trapped people.

President Sirisena also instructed the officials to quickly provide food, medicine and clothes to the people in the camps.

The President inquired about the cremation of the dead and the  affected houses and wells after the water recedes.

He directed the officials to get the assistance of the tri-forces and the Civil Security Force to repair and build the houses which are damaged and destroyed. He also advised the officials to implement a program to help re-start livelihoods of the victims.

The President mentioned that several countries have come forward to assist the victims. He stated that India has sent two ships of aid and added that the government will fulfill every responsibility to re-build the lives of the victims.

Ministers W. D. J. Senevirathne, Thalatha Athukorala, Deputy Minister Karunarathne Paranavithana, Members of the Parliament of the District, District Secretary of Ratnapura District, Commanders of Tri-Forces and government officers joined this discussion.



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