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Rambaken Oya reservoir built with local expertise, commissioned

The President commissioning the Rambaken Oya project released the first flow of water from the reservoir on Saruedsay (20).ringing a lasting solution to the drinking water issue and, irrigation problems as well.

The Rambakan Oya reservoir has become a turning point in the country’s irrigation and water resources management sector as the entire project was undertaken by with local expertise and know-how.

President Rajapaksa addressing the public after commmissioning the Rambaken Oya reservoir said you asked nothing except for water to facilitate the agriculture sector, and the project was commissioned to find a lasting solution to the drinking water issue and, irrigation problems as well.The overall benefits include economic, health, enhancement of nutritional levels of the community and social welfare facilities to them.   He emphasised that the Mahinda Chintanaya national development concept was formulated to identify the problems in the rural area and to address them immediately.

The Rambaken Oya Irrigation and Water Supply project, in the Maha Oya Divisional Secretariat area in the Ampara district, is one among several major agricultural and rural development projects under the ‘Mahinda Chintana’ concept of national development and doing social justice by the rural population of the country.

The project commenced in 2007 under the Mahinda Chinthana vision and the construction work had been completed at a cost of Rs. 3,970 million.

The new reservoir has been built by constructing a dam across Rambaken Oya which is 3600 feet in length and 81 feet in height. The canal which is 6.7 kilo metres in length will help to cultivate 3500 acres of paddy land and 1200 acres of agricultural land. This will provide direct benefits to 2000 farming families and indirect benefits to 23,000 families. Rambaken Oya area is being developed as the 10th Mahaweli zone following the construction of the reservoir.


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