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    SL presents Ceylon Tea to hospital in Russia

    Pg5-AAmbassador Designate of Sri Lanka to the Russian Federation, Prof. M.D. Lamawansa handed over a consignment of 40,800 Ceylon Tea bags to Deputy Chief Physician Dr. Igor Tyurin of Moscow Clinical Hospital N° 40, publicly known as the Kommunarka Hospital, Russia’s leading counter-epidemic institution which has been on the forefront of COVID-19 treatment from the first wave of this epidemic in Russia on June 16, a press release issued by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Moscow said.

    Since then, the Kommunarka Hospital has received over 3,000 patients in its state-of-the-art facility and continues to expand its capacities as the major counter-pandemic hub in Russia.

    As Sri Lanka’s envoy to Russia, the renowned medical professional Prof. Lamawansa expressed his respect to those who are tirelessly fighting with the pandemic, gaining first-hand experience and readily offering it to other regions. On behalf of Chief Physician, Dr. Denis Protsenko who is now on an important experience-sharing mission to the Republic of Dagestan, Deputy Chief Physician Dr. Igor Tyurin and his staff thanked the Head of Sri Lanka’s Mission in Russia and expressed their wish to invite Prof. Lamawansa to visit Hospital N° 40 again for a more detailed collegial exchange of experience, after the pandemic is repelled.

    Taking the Embassy’s initiative endorsed by the Sri Lanka Tea Board, 12 leading Ceylon Tea exporters to Russia contributed to this generous donation. Representatives of Basilur and Akbar Brothers joined the Ambassador at Clinical Hospital N° 40 on this occasion. A further donation of Ceylon Tea consisting of 150,000 bags will be presented to another four leading hospitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    Courtesy -Daily News

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