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    Speaker rejects SC order

    Speaker of the Parliament Chamal Rajapaksa rejected the Supreme Court decision to issue notice on Parliamentary Select Committee members hearing the Impeachment motion against Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake.

    Notice was served on the speaker on Wednesday and on the Members of the Select Committee appointed by the speaker on 14th of November 2012 to inquire into allegations against the Chief Justice under Article 107 of the Constitution.

    The speaker said “I, as the Speaker of Parliament, and the Members of the Select Committee appointed by me have been cited as Respondents in these proceedings.

    These were Notices issued by the Court of Appeal, on the direction of the Supreme Court, in the matter of an application for mandates in the nature of Writs of Certiorari, Mandamus, Quo Warranto and Prohibition in terms of Article 140 of the Constitution.

    I declare that the purported Notices, issued to me and to the Members of Select Committee are a nullity and entail no legal consequences. I wish to make it clear that this ruling of mine as Speaker of Parliament, will apply to any similar purported Notice, Order of Determination in respect of the proceedings of the Committee which will continue solely and exclusively under the authority of Parliament.


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