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Sri Lanka and Finland shares same values in many areas

60f855b3e4e244bcc1bf3f94f00c6027_LAt a time Finland is celebrating 100 years of freedom the arrival of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil wickremesinghe is very much appreciates, said Social Services and Health Minister of Finland Pirkko Mattila.


She further said that Sri Lanka and Finland shares the same values in the areas of democracy, human rights, equality, education and health.


Minister Mattila said that relationships between the two countries should be strengthened in development and entrepreneurship.


The efforts taken by Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratna to strengthen the relationships in the field of health between the two countries were mentioned.


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe stated that both countries have a long history in the areas of free education and health. Based on these past experiences these services should continue catering to the needs of the present. Now it is time to strengthen these services, said the Prime Minister.

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