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Sri Lanka official reserves at USD 6.0 billion by end February

Sri Lanka’s gross official reserves were 6,005.5 million US dollars by the end of February, down from 6,152.2 million US dollars in January this year, latest Central Bank data showed.

By the end of February, foreign currency reserves were 5,091.5 million dollars while the reserve position in the IMF was 66.9 million dollars.

SDRs were 7.2 million, reserves in Gold were 838.8 million and other reserve assets were 1.2 million US dollars.

During the year up to 08 March 2019, the Sri Lanka rupee has appreciated against the US dollar by 2.4 percent.

Rupee depreciated against the pound sterling by 0.8 percent while it appreciated against the Japanese yen by 3.4 percent, the euro by 4.6 percent and the Indian rupee by 2.7 percent during this period.

Courtesy – LBO

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