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    Sri Lanka says no new strain of influenza identified

    Sri Lanka’s Health Ministry said on Friday that no new strain of influenza has been identified in the country following growing reports of the spread of a new illness.

    The ministry said in a statement that the present disease identified as influenza is not due to an unrecognized virus.

    “Therefore, the public do not have to fear,” the statement said.

    The ministry called upon the public, especially children and the elderly, to practice basic hygiene and avoid crowded places, even as it assured that influenza patient numbers are on the decline.

    However, it suggested that children below two years old, pregnant mothers and adults above 65 see a doctor if there are signs of influenza.

    “There is an increase of influenza patients every year with the coming of the North-East monsoon. There was an increase in influenza patients during November and December. However, there was a decrease in December compared to November,” the ministry said.


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