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    Sri Lanka’s first 100MW floating solar power plant before November

    floating-solarSri Lanka’s Power Ministry and the Canadian Commercial Corporation, the Crown Corporation of the government of Canada on Tuesday signed a memorandum of cooperation for the joint development of a floating solar photovoltaic power project to be located on the Maduru Oya reservoir.

    Construction work of Sri Lanka’s first floating solar power plant is expected to be completed by November this year which will add 100 MW of power to the national grid. This will also be the first project that uses Battery Storage technology to store power during the daytime.

    In 2017, the Cabinet granted approval in principle for the establishment of floating solar power energy plants in the reservoirs of the Mahaweli economic zones, as a step towards focussing on renewable energy sources for the purpose of reducing thermal energy power generation.

    Accordingly, a proposal to call for international competitive bidding for the implementation of a solar power energy plant of 100MW, covering less than 4 percent of the entire surface area of the Maduru Oya reservoir, which is about 500 acres in extent, as the first step, was approved by the Cabin.

    Courtesy – LBO

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