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    Sri Lanka’s luxury ayurveda to expand to China, Europe, Australia

    Sri Lanka’s Luxury Ayurveda, Spa Ceylon, said on Thursday that it was planning to enter new international markets such as Australia, Italy, Austria and China by next year.

    Spa Ceylon is presently the world’s largest Luxury Ayurveda chain with 45 locations across 12 countries.

    Spa Ceylon opened its second store this week in Japan and recently launched two Duty Free stores in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in October.

    Further new openings are scheduled for December 2016 with Airport Duty Free locations in Mumbai, India Maldives, Pakistan and Australia.

    “We will reach our target of 50 stores internationally by the end of 2016, and have plans to open 30 new locations in 2017, en-route to the big milestone of 100 stores across 3 continents by early 2018,” said Co-founder and Director Shiwantha Dias.

    “2017 will see Spa Ceylon enter several new key markets. The second quarter will commence our European roll-out with store openings in Italy and Austria featuring close to 300 of our EU compliant formulations. Mainland China is another high potential market with boutique operations planned to commence in the 3rd quarter.”

    Spa Ceylon produces over 400 all-natural Ayurveda inspired personal care, wellness and home aroma products.

    Courtesy- (Xinhua)

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