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Tajikistan has highest life expectancy in Central Asia: WHO report

Tajikistan has the highest life expectancy for both men and women among the countries of Central Asia, said in the new report of the World Health Organization.

According to the European Health Report 2015, the life expectancy in Tajikistan is 71.2 years for men and 76.3 for women.

Life expectancy in Kazakhstan among men is 63.7 years and women 73.5 years, Kyrgyzstan – 65.5 for men and 73.7 for women, Turkmenistan – 62.5 for men and 69.8 for women, Uzbekistan – 68.2 for men and 73 for women.

In total, ranking included 52 countries.

The highest life expectancy among men is recorded in Israel and Switzerland, among women – in Italy and Switzerland. Lowest life expectancy among men and women – in Turkmenistan (62.5 and 69.8 respectively).

Average life expectancy in the world is 73.1 for men and 80.3 for women.

In some countries, male and female life expectancy varies greatly, says WHO.

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